Services of import in Israel

Services of import in Israel

Our company provides maintenance services imports in Israel including:

– Delivery of cargoes to Israel – by sea and by air, – De-consolidation of cargo shipments,

– The handling of goods in customs warehouses and terminals,

– Customs services

– Services connected with obtaining ingredients of import licenses and permits for the importation of goods

– from supervising ministries and departments

Import taxes – Taxes and fees, operating in Israel.

The object of import tax is the total customs value of goods, taking into account the cost of transportation and insurance in terms of domestic currency at the fixed rate, or – a certain quantity of goods, measured in weight or quantity units. Is there a form of import duties levied by the state, and goes to the state budget.

Types of taxes:

Apart from the state of import customs duties and taxes, there are port fees – taxes, that apply only in the seaports of Israel.

Duties & Taxes – as % per CIP / CPT / C&F cost, -accordingly to IL Customs and Purchase Tax Tariff

–              * VAT – 17% from (CIP/CPT cost + Duties & Taxes) as per DDP requests

–              ** – DDU (DAP & DAT) shipments – paid by consignee in Israel

–              For the import terms checking,

–              We need also the technical data, MSDS, – if this goods needs any import licenses in Israel,

                                    – we’ll check and we’ll inform you, – if needs,

IN ANY CASE, – the final consignee / recipient are solely responsible for providing all the necessary customs documents and permits for import.

Usually, at DAP / DAT terms, – the Importer is the one that pays VAT and Taxes

But, if you need and the request for

“Level 3 Communications (L3) – International”…. 3rd party Importer of Record (DDP – Israel),

we can do this service per agreed cost  / shipment (+ all regular payments and all regular charges)