Complex logistics services

Providing complex logistics services

Company Sure-Logisticsл is ready to offer our customers any routes depending on their preferred point of customs clearance in the territory of Israel, America, Europe and Russia.

Providing complex logistics services carried out in strict accordance with the specific technological process, which includes the following mandatory steps:

∙ The appointment of a personal project manager

∙ registration application

∙ Exploring the application definition and refinement of the list of ordered services

∙ The development of the best routes and financial schemes to ensure delivery

∙ checking for valid permits

∙ calculation of economic dispatch

∙ preparation of the commercial proposal

∙ agree on the terms of the transaction (price, the order of calculations, etc.) with client

∙ Preparation of commercial and permits

∙ acceptance of cargo or organization of delivery from the manufacturer or from a warehouse shipper

∙ booking of shipping containers or means of transportation

∙ Export clearance at the departure point

∙ monitoring the movement of cargo in transit to the destination

∙ checking availability of the necessary documents on arrival at the point of customs clearance

∙ Customs clearance

∙ delivery to the consignee.